Floorball Future Stars hosts juniors' national teams from Finland, Switzerland and Germany

Eerikkilä Sports Institute gets to host a major international floorball tournament this April as assorted seven juniors’ national teams of Finland, Switzerland and Germany will take on each other. All games will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

The teams attending Floorball Future Stars will be Finland U17, Switzerland U17 and Germany in the women’s and Finland U17 Kohonen, Finland U17 Tiitu, Switzerland U17 and Germany in the men’s tournament. As Finland will provide two U17 men’s teams, they are named after two Finnish floorball legends. Czech unfortunately cancelled and Germany is represented by U19 teams as there are no German U17 teams yet.

The men’s teams will play each other once with 3×20 minutes as their game time and the women’s teams will meet twice in 3×15 minutes games. The arena is Eerikkilä Sports institute’s modern floorball training center where all Finnish national teams have their training camps. Photos

– We intend to make this an annual tournament with several countries taking their turns as hosts, general manager of Finnish national floorball teams, Mr. Jari Oksanen says.
– There is no final decision about next year yet but we are prepared to organise the event if necessary. Countries other than the ones attending this year have also expressed their interest.

All 12 games will be broadcasted on Finnish Floorball Federation’s YouTube channel with commentary in English.

Game schedule

Friday 22.4.

10.00 FIN WU17 – SUI WU17
12.00 FIN MU17 (T) – GER MU19
15.00 GER WU19 – SUI WU17
17.45 GER MU19 – SUI MU17
20.15 FIN WU17 – GER WU19

Saturday 23.4.

12.00 SUI WU17 – GER WU19
14.00 FIN MU17 (K) – GER MU19
16.30 GER WU19 – FIN WU17
18.30 SUI MU17 – FIN MU17 (T)

Sunday 24.4.

8.30 SUI WU17 – FIN WU17
10.00 FIN MU17 (K) – SUI MU17
14.00 FIN MU17 (T) – FIN MU17 (K)

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