SalibandyTV shows all the matches of the Floorball Future Stars event - this is how you watch the matches

The Floorball Future Stars event will take place in Finland at the Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort on April 21–23, 2023.

The U17 girls from Finland and Switzerland and the U19 girls from Germany will participate in the international youth tournament. In the boys’ event, the U17 boys from Germany and Switzerland, as well as the two U17 boys’ teams from Finland, will participate in the event.

All 12 matches of the tournament can be watched on SalibandyTV. The price of a single match is 5.90e, and you can see all the matches for a combined price of 11.90e. The matches are filmed as multi-camera productions with graphics. There is no commentary in the broadcasts.

This is how you watch the matches of the Floorball Future Stars event on SalibandyTV

1. Open the address

2. SalibandyTV is always viewed on a browser-based basis, both on mobile and on a computer. SalibandyTV is not optimized for smart TV browser viewing, we recommend using mirroring for smart TV viewing. SalibandyTV’s Android and iOS apps are for streaming, not viewing.

3. Using and viewing the service always requires logging in. Viewing IDs can be created under ”REGISTER”:

4. Once you have created your credentials, go to ”SIGN UP” and select ”AS USER”:

5. Select the tournament match you want from SalibandyTV. Click ”BUY TICKETS”. Choose either a single match or the right to watch the entire tournament. Manage the payment transaction. You can then watch the match(s) automatically.

6. If you need support and instructions for logging in, purchasing or anywhere else, please contact SalibandyTV’s on-call support:

Match program and direct links to broadcasts

Friday 21.4.
10.30 FIN WU17-SUI WU17 (stream)
12.30 FIN K MU17-SUI MU17 (stream)
17.00 GER WU19-SUI WU17 (stream)
19.30 FIN T MU17-GER MU17 (stream)

Saturday 22.4.
10.30 GER WU19-FIN WU17 (stream)
12.30 FIN K MU17-GER MU17 (stream)
17.00 SUI WU17-GER WU19 (stream)
19.30 SUI MU17-FIN T MU17 (stream)

Sunday 23.4.
09.00 SUI WU17-FIN WU17 (stream)
09.15 GER MU17-SUI MU17 (stream)
12.00 FIN WU17-GER WU19 (stream)
14.00 FIN T MU17-FIN W MU17 (stream)

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