Floorball Future Stars 2022: All highlights and full games available on YouTube

All 12 games and their separate highlight videos from the Floorball Future Stars 2022 tournament stay available for watching on the Finnish Floorball federation’s YouTube channel within a separate playlist.

Click here for the playlist

Floorball Future Stars was a major international floorball tournament this April hosting assorted seven juniors’ national teams of Finland, Switzerland and Germany.

The teams attending Floorball Future Stars were be Finland U17, Switzerland U17 and Germany in the women’s and Finland U17 Kohonen, Finland U17 Tiitu, Switzerland U17 and Germany in the men’s tournament. As Finland provided two U17 men’s teams, they were named after two Finnish floorball legends Mika Kohonen and Tero Tiitu (Finland U17 K and Finland U17 T). Germany was represented by U19 teams as there are no German U17 teams yet.

Photos from the girls’ and boys’ tournaments by Esa Jokinen.

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