Lataa CC2017-sovellus

Viimeksi päivitetty 30.9.2017 16:37

Lataa CC2017-appi ja tiedät mitä tapahtuu

Klikaamalla yllä olevaa kuvaa, näet ohjeet CC2017-mobiiliapplikaation lataamiseksi. Tarjolla on iOS- ja Android-versiot. Sovellus on ilmainen ja sen tarjoaa Kansainvälinen Salibandyliitto (IFF).

IFF Events Champions Cup Mobile App includes the following:
> Latest scores
> IFF news, #floorball & #iffcc2017 tweets (possibility to retweet), #floorball Instagram photos
> Links to YouTube matches
> Up-to-date results, fixtures & standings
> Listing favourite teams and matches
> Guess the final score of the match, collect points and win prizes
> Compare your game prediction skills with others
> Get social and share your tips, teams and results on social media.

Asics guess the Champions Cup results competition
The best CC 2017 results guesser will win Asics indoor shoes. Start guessing by clicking on the matches and choose guess.
You collect points in the ASICS Guess the result game in the following way:
- 3 points for correct winner and result
- 2 points for correct winner and goal difference
- 1 point for correct winner
-  Top 3 ASICS guessers with same amount of points will be ranked by most 3p guesses (correct final score) & 2p guesses (correct winner & goal difference).

Both the Men´s and Women´s Asics guess the CC results winners will be awarded. You can access Men´s or Women´s tournament by sliding the screen to your right. Have fun and good luck!